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The Duo was born from the meeting of two guitarists with vast international experience. Miguel was born in Buenos Aires,  Argentina,  birthplace of Tango. Claudio was born in Rome, Italy, birthplace of the Opera.

Each in his musical training was able to assimilate since young the most characteristic popular styles of their land origins.

On this happy formula musicians from different backgrounds, in a careful blend together create an unusual repertoire of great virtuosity, which spaces from Argentine tango and folklore, balkan, gipsy and Spanish avant-garde concert flamenco.


Miguel Fernandez – guitar

miguel fernandez_concert guitaristMiguel Coelho Fernandez has studied at the Conservatory of Buenos Aires qualifying in classical guitar master. Afterwards he improves on concert classical guitar with the Spanish guitarist Consuelo Mallo Lopez, president of the Argentine Guitar Association.
Meanwhile he studies  flamenco with Quique de Cordoba. Besides he assists to jazz guitar seminars, at the Berklee College of Music of Boston, and studies with James Tobias of the G.I.T (Guitar Institute of Technology) of Los Angeles.

In Spain he studies under the supervision of Manolo Sanlucar, one of the greatest flamenco concert guitar representative, graduating at the International Flamenco Guitar Course, at the Fundacion Andaluza de Flamenco, Jerez. In his search of the deepest gipsy roots on flamenco, he studies with Antonio Jero, already guitarist of the cantaor Camaron de la Isla and with Gerardo Nuñez the most remarkable representative of the avant-garde concert guitar.

Miguel Fernandez composes music for Flamenco, Argentine Tango & Folklore, Brazilian, World and Classical guitar.

Currently he intensively works on stage and in studio on different musical Ensemble, such as: Miguel Fernandez Group, GuitArte Duo, Otras Tierras, Terre Differenti, Gipsy’s Legend, Tango de los Buenos Aires.

For additional info visit: 

Claudio Monteleoni – guitar

Claudio_guitar-1He begun studying the guitar at an early age with his father, and graduated with maximum marks at the Conservatory of Music “L.Refice” (Frosinone – Italy – 1987). At the same time he studied Music Composition and attended the “Arrangement for Big Band and jazz improvisation” course at the same Conservatory (1983/86). Then, he continuedhis research independently in various fields, studying the techniques of several masters of the guitar. Since1996, along with an established professional-artistic activity, he studied lyric singing.

Since 1984, his profession takes place in theaters, concert halls, monumental venues, television stations,both in Italy and abroad, through hundreds of live performances. He has had the opportunity, during all these years of performing, to work alongside many personalities, associations and cultural circles of the art, culture and entertainmentworld, with whom he engaged in many artistic collaborations.

His technical training and cultural formation allowed him to try out different musical styles and genres: from Classical and Pop, to Traditional and Ethnic music also in the field of studio recording:

Artistic director, Arranger and performer ofall the instrumental parts:

1996 – “Una Barbara de Roma”                  (genre roman tradition)

2012 – “Sotto il Gianicolo”                           (genre roman tradition)

 Instrumental recording (Guitar)

1984 – “Paris-Dakar” –                                 (genre jazz-rock  – under the supervision of  M° A.Marcelli)

1993 – “Roma: Parole e musica”               (genre roman tradition under the artistic supervision of M° A.G.Perugini)

2000 – “Soundtrack”                                   (under the direction of M° L. E. Bacalov)

2014 – “Mozart a Sud di Napoli”               (genre Classical-Ethnical tradition under the artistic supervison of M°  Nando Citarella)

His studies in lyric singing has given him the opportunity to perform in the role of“Musical entertainer” (guitar and voice),as well as “Opera singer”.These activities led him to perform invarious places worldwide: United States, Poland, France, Germany, and mostly in Japan(8 years),with the aim to spread Italian music.

In 2015 M°Claudio Monteleoni began a stimulating collaboration with the Argentinean M°Miguel Fernandez, virtuoso of international value, with whom forms the“GUITARTE” duo, in order to highlight the expressive beauty of the instrument, alongsideother peculiar aspects of the musical versatility of the two Masters.

















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