Italian red wine, spanish paella, and the best flamenco at Ostia sea shore – Italy

Fascinating party on the beach last thursday, with the best Spanish cuisine, paella, tapas, lazial and red wine sangria, the best of the Roman coast to which we have already habituated, and enlivening the event the argentine flamenco guitarist Miguel Fernandez with his successful ensemble the “Miguel Fernandez Group”.
The Don Pepe  was packed and guests danced till late, as in the best tablao of Andalusia.

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Gipsy passion party among the ancient pre-Roman walls ‘VIII century A.C

Great  sold-out gipsy fashion party  last Friday night at  Wizard Club of Artena, south of Rome (Italy), an ancient little town where archaeological excavations carried out recently have shown the existence of a pre-Roman city of origin, founded before the VIII century BC imposing walls of which remain.
Also famous this town because they were also filmed scenes of  “Romeo and Juliet” by Franco Zefirelli.
The fashion party at Wizard Club, located in the ancient part of town has had the performance of Miguel Fernandez “Pasion Gitana,” which with its gipsy-flamenco project ensemble has sparked all the guests in dancing gipsy Rumbas late into the night.

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The Gardens of Babylon

As a child somebody in family gave me a book with large, colorful drawings of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
I stayed in the memory one full page of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
They were built in the 6th century BC during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II for his beloved wife Amytis  who was daughter of the king of the Medes, to remember her the flowery mountains of his land, very different from the vast plains of Babylon.
These fell in the form of large terraces, had a wonderful and rich vegetation, and were located next to the palace of the King, by the river Euphrates. The common people had no access to these gardens but could admire them from outside the walls. From the highest terraces descended  water irrigating the lower levels. How this enormous amount of water came up and transported from the river, fed all the terraces in a complex irrigation system is the result of the most contrasting theories.

Recently in the river, bare walls 25 meters thick could be staggered in terraces, as described by the Greek references. However, there is no evidence of this, on the numerous Babylonian documents of that period. Fruit of the fantasy or actually existed?

On my piece Gardens of Babylon from the Otras Tierras musical project I try to color with my guitar these wonderful gardens and reflect the chaotic life of the city of Babylon (Babel of biblical texts) of that time.

Miguel Fernandez at the presentation of “Girls Speak” by Lola Ponce – Sicily Tour 2011

A fun game between the parts, where modern and cosmopolitan man, loves todraw from the universe and the female wardrobe, offering a style so unpredictable in its new trends. And this is the cornerstone of “Girls Speak”, the new collection signed by Clizia Incorvaia  and Lola Ponce presented last night in Agrigento, in the Hotel Villa Athena. The T-shirt designed by the model of Agrigento and the singer and actress Argentina are a hymn to freedom of expression and the desire to impress and offer three different versions of the man who dares in life and love. The event “Girls Speak”, has recreated the atmosphere Gypsy traditional Andalusian flamenco with the acting of Argentine guitarist MiguelFernandez, host of “2011 Soul’s Food Nights” prestigious international music festival within the terraces five-star Villa Athena . The evening began with a talk on the subject of fashion and the emancipation of women today, attended by the twodesigners, actors, artists, journalists and the two testimonial of the “Girls Speak”, Marco Castelli face of advertising, and Joseph Giarratana shown on the shirts.

Later everything was flooded with hundreds of pink balloons, to enjoy a drink pink in the pool accompanied by the music of Miguel Fernandez, one of the greatest guitarists of flamenco and music from South America to the event “Soul’s Food Nights. “(

Sicily Tour 2011 – Miguel Fernandez Group from 7 to 11 August 2011

2011 edition of the popular festival in Sicily “Blues and Wine Soul Festival”.Concerts are held on the “Terrace of the Gods” Villa Athena, Agrigento, where theTemple of Concord and Juno offer you all the fascination with this place that the soul can provide.
Miguel Fernandez will host this important exhibition of international artists, opening the gala as a soloist with the “Miguel Fernandez Group,” August 7, 2011.


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