Alfonsina Storni: ” My home is the sea” – Tango, music and words

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Messina web TV December 30, 2011

Among music art and poetry, was held yesterday at the hall Laudamo the premiere of “Alfonsina Storni: my home is the sea.” The representation led by Marica Roberto stands on stage with the aim of reviving not only the works of the great poet Argentina but also the atmosphere of his turbulent life.
Born in 1892 in Canton Ticino and the Italian-speaking Transfers, traferitasi childhood in Argentina, will live a life full and revolutionize the fight to bring respectability and becoming a point of reference for the culture of Argentina. And it is the relationship with his land, which the poet described in his work with passion and affection the focal point of the event. The varied experiences and “ultramodern” for the times, as the same writer has called them, are indicative of the strength of a woman, feminist Convita, will pursue his ideas to suicide “programmed” due to the fight against cancer. The social commitment and journalistic activities have allowed the stroma, to relate as an equal with the great intellectual men of his time as Borges and Pirandello.
At the splendid interpretation of Marica Roberto joins the skill of the musicians Paolo Petrilli, Miguel Fernandez, Simone Talone, and the ballerina Anna Maria Ferrara involving public through what the protagonist believes the biggest event of the culture of Argentina: tango. Particular the contribution of Serena Marsala with his paintings helps to create a unique atmosphere that has completed the frescoes on the life of poet almost forgotten by contemporary culture.
Love and death, passion for life and suffering, pain, energy and characterized the life of this extraordinary woman who through this show is back to visit us to give inspiration to a reflection on our present condition.
(Valeria Scopelliti)

Gazzetta del Sud  December 31 2011









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