Terre Differenti -“Cities of Dreams” CD presentation

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Terre Differenti is an Italian world fusion music project headed by keyboardist and programmer Fabio Armani. It mixes world, jazz, electronic and progressive rock.
The major influence is Middle Eastern. The songs are anchored by percussion, some played by Alessandro D’Aloia, and some electronically generated by Armani. Armani’s keyboards, particularly synthesisizer, are also a key element of the sound.

…In “Kam ma Kam” guest Houcine Ata joins Noemi’s vocals with Arabic singing (Antonini sings in English throughout most of the CD). “Flower of Sorrow” is a quieter song, featuring Miguel Fernandez’s flamenco guitar and Conti’s sax. Guest Cristiano Serino adds a bit of gypsy influence with his violin.
(Dave Howell)

Amici di Peter

……Long gestation, but with a beautiful result, made with the most unusual ethnic instruments, and with voices of a tonality an purity absolutely over the media.
There is a predomination of transversal and unique sounds in where you can get lost, tasting that ancestral heritage that doesn’t have a definite location, but that contains a stronger evocative power.
A peculiar trip, by trespassed territories of imagination towards personal and intimately unique “different” lands, painted and imagined by our own fantasy.

…“Flowers of sorrow” one of the best pieces of all the work, where West and East mix together at every moment. A wonderful extravagance of Miguel Fernandez obliges us to an abrupt change of route.

A work of sensitivity and contamination absolutely well done which I think will not remain indifferent in the very often desolate scene of the present music.
(Roberto Scorta)


Fragments of a long trip, ordered between multiple sonorous aptitudes, capture the soul in a game of returns and artistic cohabitation of a static emotion.
That is “Cities of Dreams”, second album of the world-music project “Terre Differenti”, original and fascinating creation delivered and developed by composer Fabio Armani.
The album is composed of thirteen pieces with sounds of great interest between jazz, ethnic, electronic and new-age often emphasized of an experimental musical but determined research, dreaming but concrete, visionary and human.

Technically the album is plenty of excellent performances: the musicians that support Armani know how to represent the spirit of “Terre Differenti”, and they show this with very high level performances. …the moments that mostly capture the listening are instrumental performances; it’s difficult not to rest delighted of the Canterbury jazz atmosphere of “Flowers of sorrow” or of the progressive phrases of “Splinters of reality”.

World music for fine palates, music for whom still dreams an ancient future. To be admired.
(Stefano Camilloni)


… As a result of an accurate selection of sounds and avant-garde experimental rhythms, the work proposing a wide and heterogeneous stile, perfectly combines innovative sounds and ancestral feelings.
So we can listen the whispered and ambient “Different Lands”, and then linger on the arabesque sonorities of “Beyond the Dunes”…then we try to cradle on the notes of “Dance for the Moon” …
The effect is instantaneous and inevitable: a sensation of suspension, an experience of a journey to far away lands and infinite spaces.
(Federica Cardia)

Visit Official Web-site of “Cities of dreams ” release:


 Flower of Sorrow (excerpt)



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